Exégesis arqueo-arquitectónica atacameña

Antonio Daher


The architectural and urban interpretation-explanation of sites and ruins that could pertain to centuries or even millennia preceding the Christian era raises the problem of the transition and difficult distinction between housing and village, family and community, even between architecture and urbanism. A proposal of an interdisciplinary (archeo-architectural) approach is included in this paper as an important tool for the description, exploration, prediction, simulation, restoring or reconstruction of the archeological habitat inheritance, in this case of the Atacama region of Chile, in its urban and architectural expressions.

Palabras clave
asentamientos humanos, historia regional, medioambiente urbano, patrimonio

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Daher, A. (1988). Exégesis arqueo-arquitectónica atacameña. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 14(43).