La gestión de tráfico: de la intuición a la simulación

Richard Allsop, Juan Enrique Coeymans


This article points out to the scarce amount of capital resources assigned to great infrastructure investment projects. This has led to an increasing utilization of Traffic management as a tool to solve urban transportation problems. This article on simulation models is directed towards non-specialists. It provides a global idea on the contributions and the limitations of such models. It also shows the alternative of utilizing socioeconomic rational criteria through models instead of mere intuitive approaches.

Palabras clave
gestión de tráfico, infraestructura urbana, planificación urbana, política urbana, transporte urbano

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Allsop, R., & Coeymans, J. (1985). La gestión de tráfico: de la intuición a la simulación. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 12(33).