Cinco años de desarrollo rural en Colombia (1976-1981)

Jos Hilhorst


Dr. Jos Hilhorst presents a study of Colombian integrated rural development program started in 1976. This article in interesting because it points at a relatively new approach for reaching sectorial and regional development. Hilhorst points out that both the concept and the program objectives were not stable during the period (1976-1981) due to existing pre-conditions, the institutionalization process and because the policy instruments were not stable. Thus the results, according to certain pilot projects, were not in accordance with the preliminary program objectives. The conclusions of this experience give a good lesson about the mistakes that have to be evitated in projects with similar conditions as the Columbian experience posed.

Palabras clave
desarrollo regional y local, planificación regional, política regional, política urbana

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Hilhorst, J. (1986). Cinco años de desarrollo rural en Colombia (1976-1981). Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 12(36).