Métodos para un diseño eficaz de la vivienda

John Habraken


The paper argues the need for more methodical design in housing projects. Lack of methodical design may lead to design solutions that are more costly than necessary. Large housing projects demand a complex process of design in which many different experts are involved. The coordination of their efforts demands a new methodical approach. Position Coordination is a means to improve coordination of decision making in the design process. In order to find the most efficient and most adequate design, various alternative possibilities must be examined on their cost as well as their use value. Basic variant Analysis offers a methodical way to generate a series of alternative floorplans within a given physical structure. It is a means to connect consideration of cost to alternatives of use.

Palabras clave
economía urbana, gestión urbana, política urbana, vivienda

Habraken, J. (1983). Métodos para un diseño eficaz de la vivienda. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 9(27).