Reflexiones previas a la formulación de medidas

Alejandro Florián


In the same line of thought that Mr. Nahoums paper, in this one the author poses several questions and premises, discarding them through an historical analysis of their development in Colombia; he concludes that the solution lies in the understanding that participation of the poor differs from traditional view that it is equivalent to the incorporation of its labour capacity on the project. He poses eight conditions for the solution of the housing problem which should be further discussed in this key issue of housing policy in Latinamerica. These are: organization, participation, urban land, public services, legal constraints, credit, technical assistance and education.


Palabras clave
economía urbana, participación ciudadana, pobreza, política urbana

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Florián, A. (1987). Reflexiones previas a la formulación de medidas. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 13(39-40).